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 A Message from the Owner & President 



Thank you for visiting Merritt Homes, Inc.  In every construction project, Merritt Homes, Inc. starts by putting a great deal of effort into understanding our client’s goals and wishes. If we understand what is important to our client, we will have an excellent idea of what our client’s needs and expectations are in the delivery of their dream home or remodel project. Customer service is our top priority. Throughout the building process, we will have as much contact with our client as they desire, but we will insist on at least a few mandatory meetings at the job site to establish priorities and requirements as the project progresses. Merritt Homes, Inc. will deliver a quality home or remodel project and will pull out all the stops to finish the job to our client's specifications.  We want to shine for you!

To that end, Merritt Homes’ vision for our team is also relationship driven. We want it to be fun to work for Merritt General Contractors, Inc. We encourage our employees to work as a team and enjoy each other’s company. We want our team to respect and value each other’s strengths and to encourage each other to grow and work on their weaknesses. We support open and honest communication between each team member, between themselves and the subcontractors, and between themselves and the client. We demand professionalism with our clients, subcontractors, and with each other.


Sandra Merritt

Owner & President




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